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    Tax calculator


    Tax calculation on stock earning is now easy using tax calculator in three simple steps -

    i)   Open transaction file in stock calculator
    ii)  Verify transaction
    iii) Calculate Tax

    Open transaction file in stock calculator

    Click 'open bal' button you will see following dialog box, enter the opening balance file path and click OK.

    Click 'Transaction' button and enter the transaction file path and click OK.

    Now you will see all the transactions listed in the main dialog.

    [Click here for Larger Image]

    Verify transaction

    Click 'Verify' button. In case of any conflict resolve it and verify again. On successful verification it will display following message box.

    [Click here for Larger Image]

    Calculate Tax

    Now press calculate button

    [Click here for Larger Image]

     User can see pie chart view by selecting chart view in select view combo box

    [Click here for Larger Image]

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