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    Focus on return on EQUITY not on EPS
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    Welcome to Stock Market

    Stock related information, tools and trading calls

    Stock Trading Calls

    In trading calls you can find the stocks BUY and SELL alerts. The calls are for short, medium and long terms. Our expert team always keeps an eye on the companies and stocks; when they find the opportunities for investment, they inform through trading calls through emails and SMS on mobile. More...

    Stock Alerts on mobile (SMS)

    Using this service receive stock alerts on your mobile phone through SMS.

    Stock Learning Lessons

    In this learning course you will receive content through mail, we will send a paragraph daily. which you can easily read, learn and apply. The course is designed such that any working person can go thorugh it in less time & effort. We have open discussion period, where you can ask questions/ queries if any in previous lessons. For enrollment click here

    Tax Calculator

    Using this tool you can calculate the taxes on stock earning, It has user friendly GUI which makes tax calculation easy in few steps. More...
    Our Recommendations & Profit booked by Members
    Torrent Pharmaceuticals   Profit: ( 36.00%      )
    City Union Bank Ltd   Profit: ( 63.00%      )
    Bharat Bijali   Profit: ( 91.00%      )
    UB Engineering Ltd   Profit: ( 39.00%      )
    Hindalco   Profit: ( 37.00%      )
    Vijaya Bank   Profit: ( 47.00%      )
    Dena Bank   Profit: ( 44.00%      )
    IndusInd Bank Ltd   Profit: ( 52.00%      )
    Hindustan Construction   Profit: ( 87.00%      )
    Sterlite Technologies Ltd   Profit: ( 48.00%      )
    Indian Overseas Bank   Profit: ( 49.00%      )
    PBA Infrastructure   Profit: ( 88.00%      )
    Sterlite Technologies Ltd   Profit: ( 26.00%      )
    Venus Remedies Ltd   Profit: ( 25.00%      )
    Karnataka Bank   Profit: ( 53.00%      )
    Vijaya Bank   Profit: ( 29.00%      )
    KRBL LTD   Profit: ( 20.00%      )
    Hindustan Construction   Profit: ( 56.00%      )
    There are many more targets, << Register >> now to check the trading calls

    Use of data, services at any persons own risk. Tarkik Solution along with its managers and affiliates or other representatives
    are not responsible for any type of profit/loss incurred using the services/data/information/trading calls.